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Feel the 'Pearl of Asia' vibes right in the heart of Phnom Penh historic district. Sleek design, stunning views, urban nomad style.

Timeless: the majestic treetops of the Royal Palace grounds, above which the sky reflects itself over the vast swimming pool ; the murmurs and chants rising from the many pagodas and Buddhist temples around.

Ever-changing: the stunning cityscape in the background, with high-rise buildings a testimony of an energetic urban growth, contrasting with the quiet and leafy serenity of the historic district.

You can it both ways at Penh House, with its soothing and sleek modern-nomad interior design, its vegetal roofs, its vibrant rooftop bar and restaurant, its 52 well-appointed and stylish rooms and suites. Timeless quietude, ever-changing fun of a city that is reinventing itself every day.

The Magic Mekong. Cambodian Culture. Activities for every taste. Fine Dining...Our suggestions for a memorable Phnom Penh experience.

There are so many things to discover and enjoy in the Cambodian capital city, a vibrant and ever-changing town that can still claim its moniker of yore: The Pearl of Asia.