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Cambodian Art Nearby

A few steps from Penh House, one of the hipest, in-the-know, smartly connected Cambodian art galleries. And more in the National Musueum vicinity.

Great feel at The Gallerist, a luminous space managed by Stan, himself a groundbreaking figurative artist. Cambodia's trendiest visual artists love to display their work there. And management will safely and cheaply ship artworks worldwide.

Strolling north, you'll find quaint art studios and sculpture workshops close to the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), and if you push a bit further, on Street 13, successful woman artist Chhan Dina will show you her artwork and her colleagues' latest creations at Dina Gallery.

On your way to Riverside, stop by Sra'Art Studio, the favorite haunt of edgy-daring artists hosting photo exhibitions and art installations.