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Visits & Reviews

What you say and show about your stay at Penh House.

  • Penh House Hotel justyn 2 2024

    Justyn Jen Travel Blog

    "Comfy beds, extremely quiet rooms, an incredible rooftop pool and breakfast overlooking the Royal Palace..."
  • Pnh prumseima 072022


    One night at Penh House, by Cambodian vlogger Seima.
  • Pnh breakfast travelwithsandya 042023

    Travel with Sandya

    Suscribers to TravelWithSandya eligible to discounts.
  • IMG 20181206 163611

    Move To Cambodia

    'Penh House lives up to the high bar set by Plantation, Pavilion, etc...'
  • Phh phamericanandthebrit

    American and The Brit

    "Spacious rooms, great vibes in the heart of the city."
  • Screenshot 2024 04 15 124328

    The Most

    Penh House voted #1 in The Most Top Ten Best Phnom Penh Hotels.
  • Phh inauguration khmertimes 122018

    Khmer Times, Tola Say

    Inauguration of the Phnom Penh hotel 'inspired by the Kingdom's nature and architecture."
  • Pnh making 2018

    The Making of Penh House

    A short about the hotel as work-in-progress. by MAADS Hotels.